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In my database I have 6 columns, all of them allow null values. I want to make a simple form with an updating feature.

Product , SNO ,BTCH Expiry ,QTY ,RATE and Amount.

I get an exception:

Unable to cast object of type 'System.DBNull' to type 'System.String'

Here is my code :

int a = dataGridView1.CurrentCell.RowIndex;


                using (AmdDataSet.Test_ibrahimDataTable table = new AmdDataSet.Test_ibrahimDataTable())

                  int b = a+1;
                    using (AmdDataSetTableAdapters.Test_ibrahimTableAdapter adp = new AmdDataSetTableAdapters.Test_ibrahimTableAdapter())
                         AmdDataSet.Test_ibrahimRow erow;
                        erow = table.NewTest_ibrahimRow();
                        lblSNO.Text = erow.SNO.ToString();
                        txtProduct.Text= erow.PRODUCTS;
                        txtExpiry.Text = erow.EXPIRYDATE.ToShortDateString();
                        txtBatchNo.Text = erow.BATCHNO.Trim().ToString();

            catch (Exception ex)
                lbleror.Text = ex.Message;
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Try this

lblSNO.Text = (erow.SNO == null) ? string.Empty : erow.SNO.ToString()


lblSNO.Text = (erow.SNO == DBNull.Value) ? string.Empty : erow.SNO.ToString() 
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Actually the second option will work – Emad Mokhtar May 17 '12 at 11:16
lblSNO.Text = (erow.SNO == DBNull.Value) ? string.Empty : erow.SNO.ToString() it is Showing Cannot be applied of Type int – ebbicsku May 17 '12 at 13:58
What is the type of SNO column in the DB? – Blachshma May 28 '12 at 10:08

Before calling ToString method call Convert.IsDBNull to check if value is not null.

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