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I wrote a proxy service program that used boost asio, the proxy server has two socket(client_socket_,server_socket_),If one of the socket is disconnected another one to remain active。For example, if read from client_socket_ results in error, i will close client_socket_ and then wait for client to reconnect and after client reconnects, I read from one socket and write to another.

The problem is that, when I read client's data from client_socket_ and write to server_socket_,server receives the client's request and sends reply to client, but I can't receive the server's reply?

It only happens in the client disconnect with proxy server and then reconnect to proxy server.

void forward_server::read_from_server()
    size_t size = sizeof(FORWARD_HEADER_t);
    boost::shared_ptr<char> header(new char[size]);

    size_t bytes = server_socket_.available();
    async_read(server_socket_, buffer(header.get(), size), 
        this, header, placeholders::bytes_transferred, placeholders::error)));

void forward_server::handle_read_header_from_server(boost::shared_ptr<char> header, 
                                                    size_t size, const boost::system::error_code& error)
    if (!error && size == sizeof(FORWARD_HEADER_t))
        FORWARD_HEADER_t* header_ptr = reinterpret_cast<FORWARD_HEADER_t*>(header.get());
        size_t total_size = sizeof(FORWARD_HEADER_t) + header_ptr->data_len;
        boost::shared_ptr<char> data(new char[total_size]);
        if (NULL != data.get())
            memcpy(data.get(), header_ptr, sizeof(FORWARD_HEADER_t));

            size_t bytes = server_socket_.available();
            async_read(server_socket_, buffer(data.get() + sizeof(FORWARD_HEADER_t), header_ptr->data_len),
                this, data, total_size, placeholders::error)));

handle_read_header_from_server was called, but size_t bytes = server_socket_.available() bytes is 0.

Thanks for reminding, i has use a array deleter like this:

class array_deleter
    void operator() (char* array)
        if(NULL != array)
            std::cout << "i am called" << std::endl;
            delete [] array;
boost::shared_ptr<char> header(new char[size], array_deleter());

This is not a major problem, the main problem is not receiving the server side data!

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You can't use shared_ptr with new[] because the destructor calls delete, not delete[]. –  David Schwartz May 17 '12 at 8:23
Use shared_array instead. –  Rafał Rawicki May 17 '12 at 8:59

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