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Anyone have a good set of sqlplus configuration directives to help transform a given sql query into nicely tab separated output for pulling into a spreadsheet or further processing?

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Check out the Oracle documentation:

You can generate a tab in Oracle by using the tab's ASCII value 9 and the chr function:

select chr(9) from dual;
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links are broken and they don't provide a useful concise answer. Consider describing the solution and providing links as an additional reference. –  BenjaminGolder Mar 2 '14 at 4:03

As Justin pointed out in his link, using the set colsep function SQLPlus command saves typing a separator for each column.

But for tab-delimited, set colsep Chr(9) won't work.

For UNIX or LINUX, use set colsep ' ' with the space between the single-quotes being a typed tab.

For Windows, use these settings:

col TAB# new_value TAB NOPRINT
select chr(9) TAB# from dual;
set colsep "&TAB"

select * from table;
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One particular script that I have stolen on more than one occasion comes from an AskTom thread on extracting data to a flat file. If I needed a quick and dirty flat file out of SQL*Plus. I would tend to prefer the DUMP_CSV function Tom posted earlier on that thread for any sort of ongoing process, though.

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I got a stupid solution. It worked very well.


SELECT column1 || CHR(9) || column2 || CHR(9) || column3 ... ...
FROM table

principle behind

Actually, it's just a string concatenation.

CHR(9) -> '\t'

column1 || CHR(9) || column2 -> concat(column1, '\t', column2)

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