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I have a jsp file which contain javascript functions at top of file. These functions

1. send/receive data to a server 
2. Interact with the jsp file to implement drag & drop

This has always seemed off putting to me, as its mixing two/three languages - jsp & javascript/jquery on one page. Is there a design pattern to better implement this functionality or just a best practice ?

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JSP is on the server, JS is on the client. There is no mixing that's happening. –  Joseph the Dreamer May 17 '12 at 9:02
don't use jsp scriptlets, use jstl tags –  NimChimpsky May 17 '12 at 9:06

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JSP is server-side and javascript is client side. Javascript does everything that you want to happen on the browser (client-side). JSP is server-side so computation is done on the server. This can be things like database calls, xml parsing or other calculations

If you want to send and receive data from a server then you would use AJAX. There isn't a particular design pattern you should use with these 2 languages. A better understanding of client-server interaction is what you need. In short - The browser sends a request to the server. The server performs some sort of computation and prepares a response to send back to the client. The client receives this response and does what ever it needs to do with it

I am not sure what you are using drag and drop for but I'll give a really simple example for you to understand client-server interaction.

Send a request to JSP to get drag speed. JSP accesses some properties that contain the drag speed data. JSP sends this back to the client as a JSON response. The Javascript parses the JSON response and sets the speed value.

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