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Anyone used http://jqvmap.com/ before?

Is there way to dynamically add dots (or some kind of marker) to the map?

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Just try to use new version of jVectorMap. It has this feature. Here is an example.

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Thanks bjornd, I'm sad to say jqvmap is starting to feel like an abandoned project. I was using it cos I stumbled upon it before the original jVectorMap. I'm Migrating to jVectorMap right away. –  Cogicero Jan 10 at 11:28
Thanks Cogicero. I haven't commited to jVectorMap repo for a long time too. Though I'm gonna continue to work on the project very soon. –  bjornd Jan 10 at 15:08
Hi again Bjornd, can you please point me in the right direction? I created my jvectormap myself but I have no idea why the latlong coordinates are not showing as markers on the map. I suspect maybe my projection data (type and centralMeridian) values are wrong, or else the inset and bbox values, cos my paths are very correct. I created the SVG map myself so I need to know how to get the correct projection centralMeridian etc values to use for the map. Thanks a bunch. –  Cogicero Jun 29 at 22:44
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jqvmap uses svg image for showing map. You can edit svg image and add dots according to you. Here is a link to svg editor http://svg-edit.googlecode.com/svn/branches/2.5.1/editor/svg-editor.html

Install firebug in FF and following steps

  1. Open the link above.(of svg editor)
  2. Open http://jqvmap.com/ in another tab.( Or the page where your map is rendered)
  3. Inspect the map with firebug. You will find there is a <svg> tag which contains all the map data.
  4. In the <svg> tag there is a g tag. In firebug right the <g> tag and copy svg code.
  5. Come back to first window (svg editor)
  6. click the 2nd menu button to view svg source. (or press U)
  7. replace the <g> tag with the code you copied.
  8. Apply Changes
  9. Now you can place dots where you want. (just explore the tool)
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Im trying to add "markers" dynamically on the map, via js. Not make my own custom map –  Christian Fazzini May 17 '12 at 9:33
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