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I am using the image library with python for the first time and am trying to open an image on my pc. So I type in

Image.open(C:\Users\laurence\Google Drive\INB347 web 2.0)

and I keep getting this:

SyntaxError: invalid syntax: with the colon just after the C highlighted in red.

It does not mention this in the handbook which I am following. The example uses a simpler file location: ('bride.jpg'). How do I open an image file please? thanks.

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Try this:

Image.open(r'C:\Users\laurence\Google Drive\INB347 web 2.0')

i.e., enclose your full path in quotes, and put r in front of it to denote is as a 'raw' string, meaning Python won't try to interpret it as anything other than what you put between quotes. You can read more about raw strings here.

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