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Using Delphi 2010 I want to read the URL's for Location, Smartcard_Location and Integrated_Location from the following XML sample data (I left out parts I don't need) using TXMLDocument:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<PNAgent_Configuration xmlns:xsi="">
            <Location replaceServerLocation="true" modifiable="true" forcedefault="false" RedirectNow="false">http://2003xa/Citrix/PNAgent/enum.aspx</Location>
            <Smartcard_Location replaceServerLocation="true">https://2003xa/Citrix/PNAgent/smartcard_enum.aspx</Smartcard_Location>
            <Integrated_Location replaceServerLocation="true">http://2003xa/Citrix/PNAgent/integrated_enum.aspx</Integrated_Location>
                <OnApplicationStart modifiable="false" forcedefault="true">true</OnApplicationStart>
                <OnResourceRequest modifiable="false" forcedefault="true">false</OnResourceRequest>
                <Poll modifiable="false" forcedefault="true">

The data is already loaded from a webserver into a TXMLDcoument. What is the easiest way to parse this data and get the URL's into string values?

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Simply use xpath and selectSingleNode. – kobik May 17 '12 at 9:46
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The simplest way is to use getElementsByTagName:


If you would like to use XPath instead, you can use this function from Select Single IXMLNode / TXmlNode Using XPath In Delphi's XmlDom article:

class function TXMLNodeHelper.SelectNode(xnRoot: IXmlNode; const nodePath: WideString): IXmlNode;
  intfSelect : IDomNodeSelect;
  dnResult : IDomNode;
  intfDocAccess : IXmlDocumentAccess;
  doc: TXmlDocument;
  Result := nil;
  if not Assigned(xnRoot)
    or not Supports(xnRoot.DOMNode, IDomNodeSelect, intfSelect) then

  dnResult := intfSelect.selectNode(nodePath);
  if Assigned(dnResult) then
    if Supports(xnRoot.OwnerDocument, IXmlDocumentAccess, intfDocAccess) then
      doc := intfDocAccess.DocumentObject
      doc := nil;
    Result := TXmlNode.Create(dnResult, nil, doc);

This way:

lx1.Items.Add(TXMLNodeHelper.SelectNode(XMLDocument1.DocumentElement, '//Location').NodeValue);
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Works like I charm, I am using SelectNode with XPath because location could appear in other nodes so this seems to be the most reliable way. – Remko May 17 '12 at 10:40

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