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In WinForms whole licensing schema in .NET is revolved around LicenseManager and LicenseProvider as mentioned quite nicely in this article.

I have simple test form in WinForm (dropped licensed DevExpress's ButtonEdit in there) using below code I can see that it is getting license info fine:

var license = LicenseManager.Validate(typeof(ButtonEdit), this);

I can also see that it has auto generated licenses.licx file and added to my project.

So, I have tried to the same by dropping DevExpress/Telerik WPF controls into my sample WPF Window and I can see that licenses.licx file is NOT auto generated.

So If I try to run the same line in the WPF, license is returning null. That means that it is not using whole LicenseManager architecture in WPF.

What is it using then to check license for 3rd party component?

Looks like someone reported a bug in VS 2010 in regards to this, but I am using VS2010.

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WPF also uses the same mechanism. You simply need to apply the LicenseProvider attribute to your class.

The licx file may not be generated in your project due to some other reason.

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not quite sure, why LicenceManager didnt pickup the license for DevExpress/Telerik WPF Controls like it did for WinForms ones ? –  Bek Raupov May 18 '12 at 9:53

Just found out that one of the 3rd party controls (Telerik) that I have used for testing works without license keys (scroll to "How do you license your Developer licenses?" section).

Checking DevExpress and raised support ticket to Telerik and they have confirmed that they dont use licx for WPF Controls.

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