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I am creating bunch of subviews of type STlater in a UIView (STlater is also of type UIView)

and there is UIButton with below click event, i want to loop thru all the subviews and setup some values but it gives SIGABRT error. Please help.

enter code here

    for (STlater *stv in self.subviews) {
        [stv setInitValues:@"hello"];
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I think you should check that stv is an instance of STlater, as the UIButton instance in subviews probably doesn't have the setInitValues: method.

for (STlater *stv in self.subviews) {
    if ( [stv isKindOfClass:[STLater class]] ) {
         [stv setInitValues:@"hello"];
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thanks greyhands, works perfectly now. But I thought when i said STlater it would bring only subviews of kind STlater. – user950181 May 17 '12 at 11:01
Nope, subviews is an array with all the views inside a view (and UIButton inherits from UIview). Glad it helped =) – GreyHands May 17 '12 at 11:04

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