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I want to display crystal report in column pattern. I have successfully retrieved the data from student table (with a stored procedure). but want to display in this pattern

Student Name | Student Name

First Student Name | Second Student Name
ThirdStudent Name | FourthStudent Name

please tell me how can i do this.

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This can be done in a few steps, this will only work if you don't need to display other fields for each student.

Step 1 - Sort the data by the name you want to show on two columns.

Step 2 - Add the following formula:

IF (NOT(OnLastRecord)) THEN
  {StudentName} + ", " + Next({StudentName})

Step 3 - Add the formula to the detail section.

Step 4 - Go into the section expert and set the suppression formula for the detail section to:

RecordNumber MOD 2 = 1
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