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I am writing a simple screensaver app. I run Product > Archive from Xcode, Distribute, Save built products and I get the .saver file. I then can install it with no problem on my development machine, while on other machines (64 bit, 10.7 as well) it doesn't install it.

Actually if I move the .saver file inside /Users/user/Library/Screen Savers/ and go to Preferences Pane, it complains saying: "You can't use this screensaver on this computer. Contact the developer for an up-to-date version."

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I have been experimenting with writing a screensaver and get this warning scrolling in the screensaver preview panel if I use depreciated code - I usually find that looking into the Objective C reference there are suggestions of replacements to use

e.g. These are both declared in NSString.h

+ (id)stringWithContentsOfURL:(NSURL *)url NS_DEPRECATED(10_0, 10_4, 2_0, 2_0);

causes the warning

+ (id)stringWithContentsOfURL:(NSURL *)url encoding:(NSStringEncoding)enc error:(NSError **)error;


Ctrl+click for menu then select jump to definition and then highlight and Alt+click to get suggested replacements

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