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I have a VideoView inside a custom dialog, and I am creating a media controller for the VideoView on the fly and assigning it to the VideoView in the code, however the controller doesn't actually appear over the video - it appears behind the dialog! Any idea how to get the controller above the video?

I created a static dialog helper class to help construct the custom dialogs:

public class DialogHelper {

    public static Dialog getVideoDialog(Context context, Uri videoLocation, boolean autoplay) {
        final Dialog dialog = getBaseDialog(context,true, R.layout.dialog_video);

        final VideoView videoHolder = (VideoView) dialog.findViewById(;
        MediaController mediaController =  new MediaController(context);
        if(autoplay) {
        videoHolder.setOnCompletionListener(new OnCompletionListener() {

            public void onCompletion(MediaPlayer mp) {

        return dialog;

     * Creates a simple dialog box with as many buttons as you want
     * @param context The context of the dialog
     * @param cancelable whether the dialog can be closed/cancelled by the user
     * @param layoutResID the resource id of the layout you want within the dialog
     * @return the dialog
    public static Dialog getBaseDialog(Context context, boolean cancelable, int layoutResID) {
        Dialog dialog = new Dialog(context,;

        return dialog;

So in my Activity i just have this to create my dialog:

Dialog videoDialog = DialogHelper.getVideoDialog(context, Uri.parse(""), true);;
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I suggest that you need to use an Activity instead of a Dialog. Set your Activity theme to emulate a Dialog in the manifest.

Example - AndroidManifest.xml:


Then, you will be able to display a VideoView as in the examples.

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