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I am trying to create Appcelerator Module with FastPDFKit. I have tested this module with demo code in XCode and it's working. So, I started implementing module for it.

I have done all steps as shown required in document to integrate the SDK:

  1. Created Titanium Module. And opened XCode Project created for this module.
  2. Copied FastPdfKit.embeddedframework into the Othe sources directory.
  3. Put code from FastPdfKit.embeddedframework\Resources\Snippets.txt into particular .h and .m files.
  4. Set configurations and select FastPdfKitFramework from the info tab of the project.

But when I try to build the module I get an error on #import "ReaderViewController.h" showing ReaderViewController.h file not found. I don't know why this error occured only with module development and why it not occured within XCode source of the demo project. Is there any other settings? Please let me know if anything can help me of this anyhow or just give me suggestions about how to integrate custom libraries for Appcelerator modules.

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I have followed Tutorial 2 @ this Tutorials. I have added that FPKReaderLib in Target Dependencies file and .bundle in Extra resources folder. But this time, when I try to import FastPdfKit.h, I receive error regarding File not found. So, additionally, I added path in User Header Search Path in Module target as well as Project, build settings.

/Backup/Titanium\ Apps/FastPdfKit

/Backup/Titanium\ Apps/FastPdfKit/Classes

/Backup/Titanium\ Apps/FastPdfKit/FPKCore

As soon as I add these path, I receive lots of errors like, Expected Identifier or ')', missing context for method declaration, expected method body, etc. And these all errors are being displayed in Library files. Please anyone let me know how to solve them. Event it shows errors on float variable types.

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I have contacted Appcelerator Support Forums and raised tickets for this. Recently I have received a response, steps in that was ok to me and made my build successful. But when I try to test it, "Titanium Run" it gives me error for "Undefined symbols for i386: ..." for few classes used in code. – Mobihunterz May 24 '12 at 10:50
Titanium guys told me that this framework can't be integrated with Titanium Module. It uses the same class which Titanium uses, "AudioStreamer". I don't know what this means. – Mobihunterz May 25 '12 at 5:49
I left the use of this framework. It can't build module with this framework. "AudioStreamer" is the framework used by Appcelerator and so it gives us duplicate error when we use it. – Mobihunterz Jul 19 '12 at 6:35

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