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What add-in/setting in Visual Studio can you not live without? Which one improves your productivity or fixes something you can't stand in Visual Studio? Why is it your favorite?

My favorite is aspx edit helper because it does really improve my productivity when working with ASP.NET applications. What it does is provide a quick way to type out server side controls, it automatically fills in runat="server" and id="" and puts your cursor in between the quotes of ID so you can type it in.

Here is a summarized list of all the plugins discussed so far

  1. ASPX Edit Helper - Snippets for editing asp.net
  2. Re-Sharper - Fast Refactoring
  3. Power Commands
  4. Reflector
  5. GhostDoc - Generates XML comments
  6. Visual Assist X
  7. Rock Scroll
  8. TestDriven.NET
  9. NCover
  10. AnkhSVN - SVN Integration
  11. ViEmu - Vim Emulation
  12. VisualSVN - SVN Integration
  13. Theme Generator
  14. Skype Add-in
  15. XML Explorer
  16. Resource Refactoring
  17. Linq2Sql Debugger Visualizer - Easily debug Linq2SQL
  18. Visual Studio File Explorer
  19. Visual Studio Window Manager
  20. TFS PowerToys
  21. Expression Tree Visualizer
  22. StyleCop
  23. Regions Manager
  24. Regionerate
  25. Code Keep - Manage Code Snippets from anywhere
  26. CR Documentor
  27. DXCore Community Plugins
  28. NUnit
  29. CodeRush Xpress
  30. JSLint
  31. NUnit for VS - NUnit integration
  32. Instant Gratification - Tells you how awesome your code is
  33. Entrian Source Search, a Code Search add-in. "Find In Files" on steroids.
  34. Goanna - static analysis for C/C++
  35. StudioTools
  36. USysWare DPack Code Browser - Fast code navigation
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possible duplicate of What is your favorite visual studio plugin? – raven Aug 19 '11 at 21:46

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I'm surprised Cool Commands hasn't been mentioned yet. Can't do without them!

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