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I want to send an image from java server (Restful Jax-rs). My client is Android.

public Response getUserImage() {
byte[] image =new byte[1024];
return Response.ok(image, MediaType.APPLICATION_OCTET_STREAM).header("content-attachment; filename=image_from_server.png") .build();

But here one download box is coming. So I want to download without download box, when I run the request URL on browser it should open automatically. Thanks.

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I believe that's because you specified application/octet-stream.

I think you should use image/jpeg or image/png.

public Response getUserImage() {

    final byte[] image = ...;
    // say your image is png?

    return Response.ok().entity(new StreamingOutput(){
        pubilc void write(OutputStream output)
           throws IOException, WebApplicationException {
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