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I'am redesigning my backbone application based on the answer of @20100 to this question The best way to fetch and render a collection for a given object_id.

Please read the comment on the code because I think is more clear, and my question looks better in smaller sizes.

// My View
], function (MyCollection, MyModel) {
    var MyView = Backbone.View.extend({

        tagName: 'ul',

        initialize: function () {
            this.collection = new MyCollection();
            this.collection.on('add', this.onAddOne, this);
            this.collection.on('reset', this.onAddAll, this);

            // when I make myView = new MyView(_.extend( {el:this.$("#myView")} , this.options));
            // myView.render is not called
            // in order to trigger the render function I make the following… but probably there is a better way … 
            var that = this;
                success: function () {


    return MyView;

// MyCollection
], function (MyModel) {

    var MyCollection = Backbone.MyCollection.extend({
        model: MyModel, // add this
        url: function () {
            var url = "http://localhost/movies";

            return url; 
           // if I look to the GET request the url is without idAttribute
           // how can I attach the idAttribute to this url?
           // should bb takes care of this?


    return MyCollection;

], function () {

    var MyModel = Backbone.MyModel.extend({
        idAttribute: 'object_id'

    return MyModel
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There's two paths you want to explore

Pre-populate your collection with your model data

In your example you're already doing this, but you're fetching a collection, the collection URL is http://localhost/movies, if you want an individual model take a look at the next point

Fetch each individual model only when you need it

In the assumption that you're trying to get an ID on a collection that is not pre-populated and are loading 1 model at a time, you will have to approach this a bit in a custom way by adding a method to your collection somewhat similarly to this

getOrFetch: function(id, options) 
    var model;
    if (this.get(id)) 
        model = this.get(id);
      model = new this.model({
        id: id
    return model;

or add the function as Backbone.Collection.prototype.getOrFetch so you can use it on every Backbone Collection if you need it.

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Thanks very much Mr 20100 – underscore666 May 17 '12 at 12:27

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