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Whats the best way to create a NSIS Welcome Page that has a Bitmap image that covers the whole dialog(main HWND) window?

Is the best way to:

  • Use MUI2 and specify the constants MUI_WELCOMEFINISHPAGE_BITMAP and MUI_WELCOMEFINISHPAGE_BITMAP_NOSTRETCH? I've tried this and the image sits over the top of the next/prev buttons and the welcome text. Is there a function call I can use to change the image windows' z-index?
  • Create my own custom window? I know how to do that and how to create checkbox, button & etc. windows but not how to create an image window(I guess I create a static or label window then set the bitmap for that?)
  • Maybe the plugin SkinnedControls has a way to do it? I have experimented with applying skins to buttons but haven't found anything that can create a welcome screen with a large bitmap in SkinnedControls. Plus the installer keeps crashing on clicking next(something to do with the Unicode version I think?).
  • Maybe another way I dont know of?

Can you suggest the best way to create a welcome page that contains a bitmap that covers the whole dialog?

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Did you read NSIS nsDialogs Plug-in - especially section NSD_Create*? –  RobeN May 17 '12 at 12:14

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This question is very similar to this one: Alter the z-index of windows on a NSIS MUI2 Page so please read it at first.

As I said: it is very tricky to create whole background (it requires a lot of coding) but I can recommend you this solution: Graphical Installer for NSIS for creating cool looking installer.

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