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I have extension for Chrome for seek a request and response headers. I am using webRequest.onSendHeaders, webRequest.onHeadersReceived and webRequest.onCompleted events for this. But i not see headers for load Flash. How i can do it?

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Okay, i understand - the webRequest.onCompleted event bong, before begins Flash load. How i can wait to load all Flash? –  Vasiliy Shpilchin May 17 '12 at 11:39

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Flash objects have PercentLoaded() method. Use it like this:

var testMovie = document.testMovie;

function waitUntilLoaded() 
    if(testMovie.PercentLoaded() == 100) {
        doSomething();//flash is loaded
    } else {

You will probably need a content script for this.

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Does that approach allow looking at request headers? Because that's what the question is about... –  Wladimir Palant May 17 '12 at 20:02
Hm, you are right - I answered the question from comment: "How i can wait to load all Flash?" –  Konrad Dzwinel May 17 '12 at 20:53

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