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I have books/index controller and view. The view looks like this:

<?php echo $this->element('categorytree'); ?>

I have elements/categorytree element:

    function my_function() { echo '123'; } 
    echo 'element is here!';

And when I go to books/index in my browser, the element is rendered without layout so source output is:

element is here!

And when I remove function declaration in element the problem disappears - the whole layout is rendered - so the problem is when I declare any php function inside element, then if this element is "fetched" by any view only this element is rendered without a layout.

This problem appeared suddenly, I don;t know why... Before I used functions declared in element and didnt have any problem...

------------------ solved

Wow this is strange - the problem was caused by the <!-- --> tags after the $this->element()...

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Although you've found the solution to your problem, I'd just like to point out that defining functions in your view is a horrible practise. A better and cleaner way to do it is to create a custom helper, and simply use that.

A view is simply not the place to write functions or classes.

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Good point - I will change it –  user606521 May 20 '12 at 10:58

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