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I have a php page ,this page contain php and javascripts code.most of the javascript function executes on body onload events. if i executes this page directly web browser work 100% but i want to try to submit through a ajax file . ajax file means a file which calls through ajax . in this ajax file i write code :

$urlTDS = "http://localhost/fmsisher/payroll/tds-event.php?username=".$_SESSION['username']."&password=".$_SESSION['pwd']."&corporateid=999333444&employeeid=".$employeeid."&calc=calc";
$p = file_get_contents($urlTDS);

in this url i pass calc parameter to submit tds-event.php . tds-event.php set action another file

i want to sumbit this url in background i;e control goes to action file and perform task. this urlTDS places inside a loop

Suppose file name A calls B through ajax and $urlTDS content of file B.i want to first executes all codes(javascript code calls on body onload event) of tds-event.php and than submit automatically(automatically submit code written if parameter calc=calc passes in url).when tds-event.php file submitted control goes to another file because action attributes set in form tag and all posted data enter in database.

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You will need to present your question in a more organized way if you want people to help :) Have a look at how some other questions are laid out. –  Nick May 17 '12 at 12:09
please help!I change my question laid out –  Akhilesh Thakur May 21 '12 at 12:16
It's hard to understand the problem... and by the way what you're doing there is not AJAX... –  eric.itzhak Jun 24 '12 at 13:12

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