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<label for="a1">First:</label>
<input id="a1" class="first" type="text" name="a1" value="123">
<label for="b1">Second:</label>
<input id="b1" class="second" type="text" name="b1"> <br />
<label for="a2">First:</label>
<input id="a2" class="first" type="text" name="a2"value="3424">
<label for="b2">Second:</label>
<input id="b2" class="second" type="text" name="b2"> <br />
<label for="a3">First:</label>
<input id="a3" class="first" type="text" name="a3"value="1235">
<label for="b3">Second:</label>
<input id="b3" class="second" type="text" name="b3"> <br />

   var get_first = // ???

i would like for example - if i click on input b3 then in this value now is value from a3. how can i make it with next and prev in one class?


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Wait, on focusing #b3 you want the input to be populated automatically with the value from input #a3? Wouldn't this, by definition mean that all inputs end up with the same value as the first of all the inputs? –  David Thomas May 17 '12 at 11:25

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I'm not sure I can think of a reason for doing this, but assuming I understand your requirements correctly, then this should work (currently untested):

        var that = $(this);

JS Fiddle demo.


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you can try like this JsFiddleDemo

   var get_first = $(this).prev().prev().val();
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Check this Fiddle

Use jQuery.prevAll() It'll return the array in reverse order, you can find the element at zero index here.

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