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I need to write a log to a text file using Apache common simplelog rather than printing it into System.err.

I use FileWriter in write method, it's creating the file but not printing the data from the buffer.

protected void log(int type, Object message, Throwable t) {

    StringBuffer buf = new StringBuffer();

    if(showDateTime) {
        Date now = new Date();
        String dateText;
        synchronized(dateFormatter) {
            dateText = dateFormatter.format(now);
        buf.append(" ");

    switch(type) {
        case SimpleLog.LOG_LEVEL_TRACE: buf.append("[TRACE] "); break;
        case SimpleLog.LOG_LEVEL_DEBUG: buf.append("[DEBUG] "); break;
        case SimpleLog.LOG_LEVEL_INFO:  buf.append("[INFO] ");  break;
        case SimpleLog.LOG_LEVEL_WARN:  buf.append("[WARN] ");  break;
        case SimpleLog.LOG_LEVEL_ERROR: buf.append("[ERROR] "); break;
        case SimpleLog.LOG_LEVEL_FATAL: buf.append("[FATAL] "); break;

    if( showShortName) {
        if( shortLogName==null ) {

            shortLogName = logName.substring(logName.lastIndexOf(".") + 1);
            shortLogName =
                shortLogName.substring(shortLogName.lastIndexOf("/") + 1);
        buf.append(String.valueOf(shortLogName)).append(" - ");
    } else if(showLogName) {
        buf.append(String.valueOf(logName)).append(" - ");


    if(t != null) {
        buf.append(" <");
        buf.append(">"); sw= new; pw= new;



protected void write(StringBuffer buffer) {

      System.err.println(buffer.toString());// want to print to a file rather than to err

     FileWriter file=new FileWriter(new File("d:/log.txt"));

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You need to flush the stream:


or if you are really done writing to the file you need to close the writer. :


close() flushes the stream before closing.

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Thank u..i always did worked – Avinash May 18 '12 at 4:48
but the thing is that when i call more than one log levels the output is getting overwritten.. for example when i call these three methods the will get only the output of FATAL..the last one prints on to the file"message:); logger.debug("message"); logger.fatal("message"); please suggest me on this.. – Avinash May 18 '12 at 5:07
it worked..used BufferWriter.. – Avinash May 18 '12 at 5:12

This defeats the purpose of SimpleLog IMHO. If you want more complicated features, such as writing to a file instead of the console, you're better off plugging in log4j, or just use the jdk logging to back commons-logging. Either approach would keep the file writing options (file name, size limit, rollover, formatting) in configuration instead of in code.

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