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I'm trying to use an external SVN repository as a subtree in my repository by 'subtree-merging' it in. I believe that this should keep the history of the files in the library intact, but it's not working - the files from the library that are merged into a subtree in my master branch have no history but for the commit when I add them - here's a history to show what I mean, precisely what I'm going to get to this state follows.

lappy8086:YACYAML jamie$ git log --graph 
* commit 0cc6c4e5061741e67d009f3375ce1d2bcd3ab540
| Author: James Montgomerie
| Date:   Thu May 17 12:04:43 2012 +0100
|     Subtree-merge in libYAML (from a git-svn checkout).
* commit b5af5af109d77f6adafebc3dcf5a4796a5035a2e
Author: James Montgomerie
Date:   Thu May 17 11:47:32 2012 +0100

First commit, add .gitignore.

Here's what I'm doing to try to get this to work:

# check out SVN repo
git svn clone http://svn.pyyaml.org/libyaml/branches/stable libYAML

# create my repo
git init
touch .gitignore
git add .gitignore
git commit -m "First commit, add .gitignore"

# Fetch from git-svn repo I got earlier
git remote add libyaml-svn ../libYAML/
git fetch libyaml-svn
git checkout -b libyaml-svn libyaml-svn/master

# Switch back to master, and try to merge in subtree
git checkout master
git read-tree --prefix=libYAML/ -u libyaml-svn/master
git commit -m "Merge in libYAML as subtree (from git-svn checkout of SVN repo)"

This 'works', but, as I said, when I look at my history I expect to see the full history from the libYAML repo, but I don't - it's as above.

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Well, one answer was to install git-subtree and use it to:

git subtree add --prefix=libYAML/ ../libYAML master

which results in what I was looking for (and expected) from doing it manually:

lappy8086:YACYAML jamie$ git log --graph
*   commit 453d464cfc140c798d0dea85ab667fe16250181d
|\  Merge: 9fb083d 0ca365a
| | Author: James Montgomerie 
| | Date:   Thu May 17 14:32:36 2012 +0100
| | 
| |     Add 'libYAML/' from commit '0ca365adeb5711bf918d4401e98fce00bab8b3ec'
| |     
| |     git-subtree-dir: libYAML
| |     git-subtree-mainline: 9fb083d923011dd990222da2a58eda42e5220cde
| |     git-subtree-split: 0ca365adeb5711bf918d4401e98fce00bab8b3ec
| |   
| * commit 0ca365adeb5711bf918d4401e98fce00bab8b3ec
| | Author: xi
| | Date:   Sun May 29 05:52:36 2011 +0000
| | 
| |     Bumped the version number and updated the announcement.
| |     
| |     git-svn-id: http://svn.pyyaml.org/libyaml/branches/stable@374 18f92427-320e-0410-9341-c67f048884a3
| |   
| * commit 210b313e5ab158f32d8f09db6a8df8cb9bd6a982
| | Author: xi
| | Date:   Sun May 29 05:29:39 2011 +0000
| | 
| |     Added support for pkg-config.
| |     
| |     git-svn-id: http://svn.pyyaml.org/libyaml/branches/stable@373 18f92427-320e-0410-9341-c67f048884a3

I'd still like to know the correct way to do this without the dependency on git-subtree though.

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Having the same problem. This shows the commits fine, but I'm unable to view the history of a single file or folder... doing git log -- <filename> only shows one commit (the one that git subtree created)... Any ideas how to resolve this issue? –  gingerlime Jun 16 '12 at 12:19

There appears to be an inconsistency in how git log [--follow] <filename> behaves when a merge includes the reparenting of a tree inside a subdir, like git subtree does.

I ran a few experiments, and if you introduce a synthetic re-parenting commit on the source codeline right before the first subtree merge, then the history starts being reported via git log --follow <filename>.

Options I can see:

  1. Fix git log to follow renames that happen during merges
  2. Change git subtree to create two commits for every add, re-parenting the tree in one commit first, and then merging the reparented commit after that
  3. Work around the problem manually by accomplishing #2 with .git/info/grafts and git filter-branch


$ git log --grep git-subtree-mainline
commit 8789f3c80122d1fc52ff43ab776a7b186f51c3c6
Merge: 0c11300 4757376
Author: John Sumsion <email>
Date:   Wed Apr 17 09:43:21 2013

    Add 'some-subdir/' from commit 'f54875a391499f910eeb8d6ff3e6b00f9778a8ab'

    git-subtree-dir: some-subdir
    git-subtree-mainline: 0c113003278e58d32116c8bd5a60f2c848b61bbb
    git-subtree-split: f54875a391499f910eeb8d6ff3e6b00f9778a8ab
$ git checkout -b fix 
Switched to a new branch 'fix'
$ mkdir -p some-subdir
$ git mv <files> some-subdir
$ git commit -m "Re-parenting files before subtree merge to preserve 'git log --follow' history"
$ echo <orig_merge> <orig_parent> <fixed_merge_parent> >> .git/info/grafts
$ git filter-branch --index-filter true --tag-name-filter cat master

Where the following commits are:

  • orig_merge: 8789f3c80122d1fc52ff43ab776a7b186f51c3c6
  • orig_parent: 0c113003278e58d32116c8bd5a60f2c848b61bbb
  • fixed_merge_parent: sha from the git commit

Unfortunately, subsequent changes merged in via git subtree after the first subtree merge do NOT appear to be reported via git log --follow <filename> even when the first subtree merge is synthetically re-parented.

For some reason, I seem to remember that this was working ok in the Git 1.7.x timeframe, but that is a vague memory from the distant past that I don't have time to research. The above was observed with Git

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Be aware that if you have a repository with a lot of files in it, you should probably only move less than 1000-2000 of them at a time in a single commit -- otherwise you'll have problems with the 'diff.renameLimit' config being too small -- and still not be able to traverse history (for another reason). –  jdsumsion Jul 6 '13 at 5:27

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