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I want to set alternate colors to datagrid. I wrote the following code

"<s:DataGrid width="777" horizontalCenter="0" textAlign="center"  id="inv_dg" height="170" alternatingItemColors="#FFFFFF, #000000" fontSize="12" fontFamily="Times New Roman" dataProvider="{obj.rtlist}">"

But it gives me error saying "Cannot resolve alternatingItemColors for spark component datagrid". Also i want to set object value in datagrid but i am not sure if the way i did is correct. It is not working. Please help

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You also need to set the property as an array, in your case, that would be:

[#FFFFFF, #000000]
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For DataGrid: -

Use alternatingRowColors for spark component i.e: -

alternatingRowColors="[#FFFFFF, #000000]" 

and alternatingItemColors for mx component i.e:-

alternatingItemColors="[#0000FF, #FF0000]".

Hope this may help.

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alternatingItemColors takes a single argument within the DataGrid tags. So, as @Mahesh has shown here, we pass the array of colors as a single quoted argument, and it later gets parsed as an array. The code in your example gets interpreted as a single string which does not resolve to a meaningful color. – dsh Sep 2 '15 at 21:44

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