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I'm learning the Amazon S3 PHP API, and I want to save my Amazon keys if these are valid for login into an Amazon account or alert the user if he puts wrong keys via the following code:

$awsaccesskey = 'xxxxxxxxxxx';
$awssecretkey = 'xxxxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxxx';

$s3_object = new S3($awsaccesskey, $awssecretkey );

Now, how can I check whether theses keys are valid or invalid and save them in a database if correct, e.g.:

if('keys valid')
    //save in database
    // entered keys are invalid, plz check your keys

Does the object return any error if keys is valid or invalid?

I don't know how get an authentication response, could someone please suggest a solution for it? Thank You.

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when i put wrong keys it returns output:S3 Object ( ) and put right key and print_r($s3); its again returns S3 Object ( ) then how trace key validation with this. –  hari maliya May 17 '12 at 12:28

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you may try this

$s3 = new S3('aws_access_key', 'aws_secret_key');

$return = @$s3->putBucket('mybucket');
   echo 'valid keys';
   //now you can save key in your db
   //delete created bucket
   echo "You entered invalid Amazon access credentials";
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its working for me. –  hari maliya May 18 '12 at 9:47
the official PHP API functions are little different: create_bucket() and delete_bucket() and to test for true if($return->status == 200). Otherwise works for me +1 –  Ecropolis Jun 8 '12 at 12:11

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