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Hello guys I have a list in which I am adding list items dynamically.

Here's my code to add items in my store:-

    var re = record.get('Name');
        this.selGroup = Ext.create('');
    this.selGroup.add({Name: re});

It is adding items in the list perfectly but the problem I am facing is that add() method also add items which is already present in the list. I know I have to put filter to prevent to add items which is already present but I am not getting a way to do it.

Please suggest something useful to solve my problem.

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I would guess it's doing that because Sencha Touch thinks that {Name: re} is a new record. Why don't you just do: this.selGroup.add(record), that way ST won't add duplicate records..

Here's an example:

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Thanx buddy... perfect ten for your answer.... – himanshu May 17 '12 at 13:19

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