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I found this solution on stackoverflow for getting the first word from a sentence.

$myvalue = 'Test me more';
$arr = explode(' ',trim($myvalue));
echo $arr[0]; // will print Test

However, this case takes ' ' (a space) as the divider. Does anyone know how to get the first word from a string if you do not know what the divider is? It can be ' ' (space), '.' (full stop), '.' (or comma). Basically, how do you take anything that is a letter from a string up to the point where there is no letter?


  • 'House, rest of sentence here' would give 'House'
  • 'House.' would also give 'House'
  • 'House thing' would also give 'House'


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store the delimiter in an array, while using explode see if the delimiter matches to the list of array and take the value – sree May 17 '12 at 12:19
preg_split ? – Grigorash Vasilij May 17 '12 at 12:21
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preg_split is what you're looking for.

$str = "bla1 bla2,bla3";
$words = preg_split("/[\s,]+/", $str);

This snippet splits the $str by space, \t, comma, \n.

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There is a string function (strtok) which can be used to split a string into smaller strings (tokens) based on some separator(s). For the purposes of this thread, the first word (defined as anything before the first space character) of Test me more can be obtained by tokenizing the string on the space character.

$value = "Test me more";
echo strtok($value, " "); // Test

For more details and examples, see the strtok PHP manual page.

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Use the preg_match() function with a regular expression:

if (preg_match('/^\w*/', 'Your text here', $matches) > 0) {
  echo $matches[0]; // $matches[0] will contain the first word of your sentence
} else {
  // no match found
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