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I'm not sure how to put it, but here is my problem. I want to test SSL from here http://stilius.net/java/java_ssl.php. I am using NetBeans 7.1. In each void main, if I insert this piece of code for (int i=0; i<arstring.length; i++) System.out.println(arstring[i]);, I see the arguments are passed correctly.

However, when i run Server and Client (each in a separate folder and each with the cerificate file), the moment I type something into client, the execution of both classes stops and the message from Client is NOT received by the server.

I am really stuck here. This is my first time working with Java for communication via Internet, so please try to explain in a simple way why is my program not working.

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Do you get any meaningful messages when appending -Djavax.net.debug=ssl to your command line arguments? –  Catchwa Dec 13 '12 at 0:32

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