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I am very new to the 14443A protocol and mifare Clasic 4k Tag. I have a TRF7960A RFID reader interfaced to my device which is supporting Mifare mode after reading the Firmware version.

I got some information from my vendor but still i am facing issue in authentication.

I have pasted the Commands send and received in below.

Can any one help me in this about how the packet is being created?

Thanks in advance


Set to Mifare Mode

Send : 0108000304FD00000 Returned : 108000304FD0000

Firmware Version 3.3[Mode Mifare]

Set Protocol

Send : 010A0003041000010000 Returned : 010A0003041000010000 Register write request.

Send : 010C00030410002101080000 Returned : 010C00030410002101080000 Register write request.

Send : 0109000304F0000000 Returned : 0109000304F0000000

Send : 0109000304F1FF0000 Returned : 0109000304F1FF0000

Scan Card UID

Send : 0109000304A0010000 Returned : 0109000304A0010000 14443A REQA. (0200)(DB24C7A69E)[DB24C7A69E]

Received UID is DB24C7A69E

Authicate Block 04 Key is FFFFFFFFFFFF UID is DB24C7A69E

Send : 010A0003041850000000 Returned : 010A0003041850000000 Request mode. []

Send : 010D000304A2DB24C7A69E0000 Returned : 010D000304A2DB24C7A69E0000 14443A Select. (0200)[18]

Send : 010E000304C0FFFFFFFFFFFF0000 Returned : 010E000304C0FFFFFFFFFFFF0000 Crypto1 set key. Initialization ok

Send : 010F000304C16004DB24C7A69E 0000 Returned : 010F000304C16004DB24C7A69E 0000 Crypto1 authentication step 1. !! 00 bytes and 00 bits received, expected 4 bytes and 0 bits. Abort

Send : 010C000304C23D6E98990000 Returned : 010C000304C23D6E98990000 Crypto1 authentication step 2.ý

Read Block 04 DATA

Send : 010A000304C830040000 Returned : 010A000304C830040000 Encrypted request mode. !! cipher not initialized. Abort

Write Block 04 Write Data 12345678123456781234567812345678

Send : 010A000304C8A0040000

Returned : 010A000304C8A0040000 Encrypted request mode. !! cipher not initialized. Abort

Send : 0118000304C8123456781234567812345678123456780000 Returned : 0118000304C8123456781234567812345678123456780000 Encrypted request mode. !! cipher not initialized. Abort

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A MIFARE Classic UID is always 4 bytes or 7 bytes, never 5 bytes. I don't know the TRF7960A, but I suspect that your problem is related to this. It would make the authentication fail: the tag will simply not answer. Any following commands requiring a successful authentication will also not work.

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