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IF ({PICT_Picture.Job_Print} = TRUE) THEN 

PICT_Picture.Job_Print - is a tick box that allows me to print a picture on a production route card.

PICT_Picture.Process_Name - is a drop down box that allows me to select what process a picture is for.

The problem I am having is if I have multiple images attached to a product that is on a generated report, duplicated rows will be created for each picture I have attached regardless of being under LARGE MOULDING, SMALL MOULDING, INSPECTION, etc.

I have very little knowledge about crystal reports and SQL, I am looking for a line of code that will only generate one line per product regardless of how many pictures are attached.

If you require any additional information please say and I will try and attach it as soon as possible.




I put this in suppress no drill-down, It worked right away.

It got rid of all of the duplicate jobs.

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The best way to achieve this in Crystal reports is to create a group. Group on your "primary key" then move all your fields from the details section of the report canvas into the group footer section and suppress the details section. Further explanation:

Before- duplicating records:

enter image description here

After (detail section suppressed, group added on order number- we want 1 record per order number):

enter image description here


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I will need some further explanation, in layman's terms please. – Daniel May 17 '12 at 13:27
i've edited to add a few screenshots that should help explain – Lee Tickett May 17 '12 at 18:46

If you're executing SELECT query can you not add DISTINCT to select one line per product.

For example,

SELECT DISTINCT Product, ... FROM YourTable
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