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By default NetBeans generates 3 line getters and setters like so:

public int getFoo() {
    return foo;

Is there a way to make it generate it in one line like so:

public int getFoo() {return foo;}

I did not find any get or set templates in Tools -> Options -> Editor -> Code Templates

Is there some other way to edit them or maybe a plugin?

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As seem you can't really, but I've found a patch in this blog post which modifies Netbeans source.

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Your link is down for me. The server can't be found. –  Lucio Mar 21 at 20:52
found a new one, fixed –  Nux Mar 22 at 1:11

on NB 7.2+ you can create your own generator:
though making use of Javac API in a NB modules (hard to do something better than a getter/setter)


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