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I'm trying to create a simple solution to scroll elements in table without moving header and first column.

I know that there are plugins like jQuery datatable, but in my case it isn't working with large tables (100colsx1200rows)

What I have done can be found here: http://jsbin.com/ifoxim/7/edit#source

Newer version: http://jsbin.com/ifoxim/9/edit

Basically its set of divs and tables.

On right and bottom I've added two jQuery UI sliders.

I'm not a css guru (neither jQuery one) and I have problem putting it all together.

What I want to achieve is effect similar to this: http://datatables.net/extras/fixedcolumns/ but using Sliders.

I will be really grateful for help with css.

My final goal is to make this solution as much flexible as possible.

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for such a big table i would advice to use pagination to keep the table somehow overviewable –  Sven Bieder May 17 '12 at 13:26
I cant' do that :/ Table must be without pagination. This are my project restrictions. Silly, but...I can't change anything. –  Misiu May 17 '12 at 13:29

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