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I found async has two util functions: log and dir.

But I don't find many differences between them. See the code:

var async = require('async');

var x = function() {
    this.name = 'Freewind';
var hello = function(name, callback) {
    setTimeout(function() {
        callback(null, 'hello ' + name, 'nice to see you ' + name, x, {a:'123'});
    }, 200);

async.log(hello, 'world');
async.dir(hello, 'world');

It prints:

hello world
nice to see you world
{ a: '123' }
'hello world'
'nice to see you world'
{ a: '123' }

You can see the only difference is the later one has more ' around the results.

Is there any example to show what dir can do but log can't?

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Says it in the docs:


Logs the result of an async function to the console. In general it uses console.log


Logs the result of an async function to the console using console.dir to display the properties of the resulting object. In general it uses console.dir. If you use FIrebug, it is like the view in the DOM tab.

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I don't find any difference between console.log and console.dir, do I miss something? –  Freewind May 27 '12 at 9:11

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