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Can you please shed some light on incorporating word press into the site.

Here my requirement is..i have a tab called 'my blog' in my website.

When the user clicks that button he able to see the name of my blog

and my posts and archives and also tags..these much information i want.

I don't want to use complete word press in my site.

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You need to customize your own wordpress theme ? – benoît May 17 '12 at 13:52
No sir..when the user clicks the button, he able to see my blog name,posts of mine and he also able to archive and comment can i do that..please help me sir – user1160126 May 17 '12 at 13:54
Is it on a server or ? There is a folder in your blog/wp-content/themes/yourtheme with php and css files, open them ? – benoît May 17 '12 at 14:00
say..i have when the user clicks on blog tab. he able to see content of my blog means blog name,posts,archives rather than whole wordpress, and also he can comment to my posts..can happen like this..thanks – user1160126 May 17 '12 at 14:12

This is really simple. Follow my instructions.

  1. Login to your cpanel.
  2. Create a folder named blog in your root.
  3. Upload the latest version of wordpress you downloaded from
  4. Unzip it to the blog folder. (Make sure to move all files outside the folder wordpress)
  5. Create a MySQL database and add a user to it. Make sure to keep the database name, username and password. For most of the server the hostname will be localhost.
  6. Now go to and just follow the instructions there and Run the installer.
  7. Now you can login into your WordPress Dashboard.
  8. Search google for some free wordpress themes and install one of the themes in Theme section in Dashboard.
  9. Now your wordpress blog is ready. In your site for the blog tab give the link as

Reference Links:

Famous 5-minute installation - WordPress

Cheers !!!

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Assuming you are self-hosting, and have access to your controls;

You will need to create a new MySQL database, and safely store your database name, username, hostname and password for later.

You will have to download wordpress, and follow the installation instructions also found at

In order to do what I think you're wanting to do, you will need to create a new theme by creating a new folder in your Content > Themes folder, and move ALL your site files into this new directory.

Add to your CSS file to make it an applyable 'theme':

Theme Name: 
Theme URI: 
Author URI: 
License URI: 

You will then have to assign this new theme to Wordpress, and create at least two template files,


Within these two templates is where you will loop through your posts, and display your full posts, respectively.

This isn't a graceful solution, however, it will do what you want it to in a rudimentary way. It would be better to develop a proper theme for your site, and fully take advantage of Wordpress as a CMS, and not just a blogging platform. There are lots of resources on how this is done, and it may seem overwhelming but start small, that's how you learn.

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