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I am new to stack overflow and this is my first question here. I hope that my question meets the stack overflow's standard, but if not, I am sorry, because I am new here and to the Symfony2 framework.

I installed wamp server and a copy of the Symfony2 framework. I am trying to create a Bundle, using the following command:

php app/console generate:bundle --nampespace=IDP/IDP_Bundle --format=yml

My PHP is in C:/wamp/bin/php/php5.3.10

But when I run the command it says:

could  not open input file app/console

Can anyone tell me what is going wrong?

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Are you in the project directory? –  Samy Dindane May 17 '12 at 17:14

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Dont run the command from the php path.

Add php into your path environment variable

and then cd to the project


and then run the command

php app/console generate:bundle --nampespace=IDP/IDP_Bundle --format=yml

It will work

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Thanks faryal.. –  Zoha Ali Khan May 20 '12 at 13:29
Excellent bro. Saved a lot of time for me. Thanks @Faryal Khan –  AtanuCSE Dec 26 '13 at 5:59

For newer versions of Symfony (2.4.x or newer) use this method on windows to resolve the problem:

  1. Go to project directory e.g. d:/xampp/symfony2-project/ and open composer.json and place this under requires array "symfony/console": "2.4.*@dev". And save the file.
  2. Open command-line and cd to project's directory.
  3. Use this command to let download and install the dependencies: php path/to/composer.phar install. Remember you should be in your project's directory and path/to/composer.phar is the actual path to your composer.phar file.
  4. Now you are all done, just use php bin/console generate:bundle --namespace=Test/PrintBundle --format=yml
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Thanks! That solves the problem. –  TracKer Jul 5 at 13:55
@TracKer Welcome. –  Imran Jul 6 at 17:45

Actually You need to be in your project root to run this command and you have to add php directory to your system env path variable.

  1. Add your php directory to the system path variable
  2. cd to the root of your project
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To execute command you should move to root directory of your project in terminal/CMD.

Please note that in version 2.5 some changes has been made so command will not work with app/console

Note: From 2.5 app/console is replaced by bin/console.

Please check here for changes. Also check this for more details about difference.

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Sounds like you (i.e., your user) don't have access to read/execute console. I've never worked with with file permissions on a WAMP stack so I'm not sure what you'll need to do to fix them.

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Then it would give Access denied error –  meze May 17 '12 at 17:16

It is also possible that you have the line


in your /web file, app_dev.php. If after doing

php app/console generate:bundle --nampespace=IDP/IDP_Bundle --format=yml

in your project path, you still can not generate your bundle, try uncommenting the unmask line. It worked for me.

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