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Suppose the collection is like this:

{ "_id" : ObjectId("4fb277b89b8295a790efde44"), 
"mylist": [ 
    { "foo1" :"bar1", "foo2" : "bar2" }, 
    {"foo1" : "bar3", "foo2" : "bar4" } 
"nonlist" : "nonlistVal" }

I want to remove a document in mylist whose foo1 equal to bar1, after reading mongodb document about updating I used this:


but it failed. To figure out the problem I insert a new array into mytests using this:


and then using db.mytests.update({},{$pull:{'anotherList':{$gt:3}}}) to pull the element 4 in array anotherList ,it succeed.

I supposed the problem is with the mylist.$.foo1 ? Can you tell me the right way to remove a document element in a array?

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Try changing:



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