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I am new to ANT scripting. I need to develop a Ant script to compile .nsi script, which is developed using NSIS 2.46 version.

I am not sure how to start with it.

Can someone suggest how to to do it or post a example Ant script here which does the job of compiling the script which is placed on a local machine drive.

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Besides running makensis as an exec task, there exists an NSIS plugin After downloading this and placing the plugin into the lib folder you can activate it like this:

<taskdef name="nsis" classname="net.sf.nsisant.Task">
  <classpath location="nsisant-{version}.jar">

After that is done, you can run the nsis script like this:

<nsis script="some_script_path\build_me.nsi">
  <!-- eventually some defines here for controlling the nsis script -->     
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