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So I'm looking at how listener taps work. What I've come up with at this point is:

my_tap =, "myfilter")
myvar ="something to look at")

-- then the callback
function my_tap.packet(pinfo)
   -- format the time like"%c", pinfo.abs_ts)
   -- what else is in pinfo.???
   -- lots of stuff

I have been unable to find any thorough documentation on what gets exposed to lua via the pinfo parameter to the packet callback. So far I have found *pinfo.abs_ts*. Which is great because tcp.options.timestamp.tsval seems to either be null or contain incorrect / incomplete information all the time.

What exactly gets exposed through pinfo? Is there a list of information I can pull somewhere other than pinfo.abs_ts?

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Looks like I asked too hastily, brain must of been fried yesterday. seems to describe pretty much everything I was looking for. – Steve McLenithan May 17 '12 at 14:51
You should post that as an answer to this question and accept it, so the question no longer shows up on the Unanswered list. – Mud May 18 '12 at 5:22
up vote 0 down vote accepted seems to describe pretty much everything I was looking for

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