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I am trying to make the bootstrap scaffolding to work. I have two tables, one left, one right, both inside a row. Please see this fiddle.

For some reason the tables appear one under the other. How can I get both tables to be at the same hight?

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Yuck! Did you paste that code from Word or something? Doing what you want is extremely easy in Bootstrap, but I gave up trying to wade through your unformatted code. –  Jonathan Wood May 17 '12 at 14:38
@JonathanWood: Thanks. RGB got it! –  Randomblue May 17 '12 at 14:54

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you dont need to use offset 8 with your second table, thats 12 on its own. If one table is a span4 and the other is a span4 they will sit side by side with a span4 remaining...

each row consumes a spans of 12 columns, you had 4 in your first table, 8 between the tables, and another 4 for your second table.. making 16 columns, and so, two rows (16/12)

if you use span4 plus offset3 span4 you get 11 columns! well within the 12 column default limit :)

so if you wanted you could use offset2 for some space between them


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Noob answering here, but I think you need to have your two tables in separate <div class="span2"> tags if you're already using a row div tag.

EDIT: Wait, shoot, got it wrong. Is it the very end has a typo diV with a capital V?

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