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Maybe this just isn't possible but what I'm trying to do is change the visibility of multiple elements in a GUI at the same time using an ArrayList to reference to them sort of dynamically. The objects are created by themselves in another method.

Both oldScreen.setVisible(false); and oldScreen<1>.setVisible(false); statements cause errors. I had a hunch my idea wouldn't work out so well.

Here is basically what i have, any way i can achieve this?

private void initScreens() {
// I create some ArrayLists as "screensets" of sorts and put some GUI elements in there
    ArrayList startScreen = new ArrayList();
    ArrayList lostScreen = new ArrayList();
    ArrayList playScreen = new ArrayList();


private void changeScreen(ArrayList oldScreen,ArrayList newScreen) {
// now i try to create a handy method to handle the length of the arrays itself, so if
i need to make changes to screens I just add them to there array. They are then easily
displayed, and hidden when told.

    int os = oldScreen.size();
    int ns = newScreen.size();

    for (int i = os; i > 0; i--){
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Also your for loop is not correct: the index starts at 0 and ends at size - 1. The usual idiom is: for(int i = 0 ; i < size ; ++i). In addition, your oldScreen.get(1).setVisible(false); should be outside the loop (or even removed since the index is included in your loop!): you do not want to execute it size times! – Jean Logeart May 17 '12 at 14:35
What does 'statements cause errors' exactly mean? Replace oldScreen<i> with oldScreen[i]... – home May 17 '12 at 14:35
yea i figured it out actually pretty quick that my syntax wasn't correct. Really hate it when its that simple, but thanks! and i did know that referencing i in the oldScreen then 1 was redundant but that was just saying i tried both, really shouldn't matter but i included it anyways. – poetzmij May 17 '12 at 15:01

That's invalid syntax.

You're trying to write


You should also use generics (ArrayList<Screen>) to avoid casting.

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