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i use sdwebimage and ktphotobrowser for my thumbnail gallery. because of i have different galleries i need many sources. But i cant change the datasource in the SDWebImageDataSource.m file

i made a varible named myStr and now i want to get it in the SDWebImageDataSource's init function so i can get data from another source

is it possible or may i have a change create another function named initWithString then pass my path to that function?

in my viewcontroller i initialize the SDWebImageDataSource as SDWebImageDataSource *sd = [[SDWebImageDataSource alloc]init]; then i set variable sd.myStr=@"http://mypath.com";

but i cant get the value of myStr in the init function of SDWebImageDataSource.m file

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In Init method, initialize your string by setting an empty string. This will solve your problem. or if you can manage to create custom method [[SDWebImageDataSource alloc]initWithString:@"SOMESTRING"];will also be fine.

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if i understand correctly you say: if i initialize my string as an empty string does my code work? –  ercan May 17 '12 at 15:58
thanks i did with custom method [[SDWebImageDataSource alloc]initWithString:@"SOMESTRING"]; –  ercan May 18 '12 at 12:11

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