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I have a simple pattern that I am trying to do a find and replace on. It needs to replace all dashes with periods when they are surrounded by numbers.

Replace the period in these:


Like So:


However, I do not want to replace the dash inside anything like these:


I have tried using the following:

preg_replace('/[0-9](-)[0-9]/', '.', $string);

However, this will replace the entire match instead of just the middle. How do you only replace a portion of the match?

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preg_replace('/([0-9])-([0-9])/', '$1.$2', $string);

Should do the trick :)

Edit: some more explanation:

By using ( and ) in a regular expression, you create a group. That group can be used in the replacement. $1 get replaced with the first matched group, $2 gets replaced with the second matched group and so on.

That means that if you would (just for example) change '$1.$2' to '$2.$1', the operation would swap the two numbers. That isn't useful behavior in your case, but perhaps it helps you understand the principle better.

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Grouping is a great tool to have in your regex toolbox! Edit and added explanation much appreciated –  Cumulo Nimbus Mar 26 '14 at 19:49

You can use back-references to retain the parts of the match you want to keep:

preg_replace('/([0-9])-([0-9])/', '$1.$2', $string);
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Depending on the regex implementation you're using, you can use non-capturing groups:

preg_replace('/(?<=[0-9])-(?=[0-9])/', '.', $string);
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