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I am building a TreeGrid with data from an XML type DataSource, as in SmartClient showcase.

I am using Windows XP and SmartGWT version 3.0, GWT SDK 2.4.0 (using Eclipse IDE).

However, the problem is when I try to expand an empty folder, the tree closes itself/resets and resetting all selections made to none (since i'm using a checkbox tree selection type), and also I got this error(warning):

[ERROR] [testtree] - 15:19:26.637:XRP0:WARN:ResultTree:isc_ResultTree_0 (created by: isc_TreeGrid_0):Adding node to tree with id property set to:1. A node with this ID is already present in this Tree - that node will be replaced. Note that this warning may be disabled by setting the reportCollisions attribute to false.

This is actually very much alike with this (, however he does not explain the solution. :(

This is the test values i use for the XML data source:





This is the screenshot of the problem; (sorry not enough rep cannot post images) before I clicked the expand button: link (imgur image) and, after: link

According to the image above, this problem will occur if I try to expand 'test212', or 'test2'.

and this is the snippet of my TreeGrid properties:

TreeGrid test = new TreeGrid();


and this is the properties of my singleton DataSource:



DataSourceIntegerField idField = new DataSourceIntegerField("id", "ID");
DataSourceIntegerField parentIdField = new DataSourceIntegerField("parentId", "Parent ID");
DataSourceTextField nameField = new DataSourceTextField("name", "Name");

singleton.setFields(idField, parentIdField, nameField);

Note: the XML data is already passed correctly into the grid.

Thanks for your help! :)

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What version of SmartGWT are you using ? Did you tried using the last nightly builds ? Sometimes, this kind of error comes from a framework bug. Let us know. – Jean-Michel Garcia May 19 '12 at 21:08
Hi, sorry for the late reply! I am using Windows XP and SmartGWT version 3.0, GWT SDK 2.4.0 (using Eclipse IDE). Will update it on the main post. No, I haven't tried out the nightly builds. :) Thanks for your help! – dvdchr May 20 '12 at 14:57
What happens if you use others IDs ? Start at 10 in your above code. This could be related to some "automaticaly" created node (the root one) ? – Jean-Michel Garcia May 21 '12 at 8:53
Yes, I have tried using various numbers -- even negatives. What abt you? Does this happen to you too? I will try the nightly build later, and will search more on smartclient forums. One thing that bothers me though, in the thread link I posted above, he seemed to work it out somehow.. So I'm still thinking maybe I'm doing something wrong :? – dvdchr May 21 '12 at 15:19
Is the DataSource firing fetch events when you expand tree nodes? – ModeEngage Jun 1 '12 at 0:36
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I think i have finally found the solution. This is no bug, it is my own clumsy fault.

After debugging the project extensively I noticed that there is a idParent parameter in the GET parameters, and I didn't handle it. As a result, the servlet always outputs full XML data therefore producing this error.

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