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Is there is any way to find which property is calling the subscribed function, when we subscribe one function to more then one property ?

code example.

var self = this;

var myViewModel = 
    FirstName : ko.observable("Bert"),
    LastName : ko.observable("pual")


notifyChange = function ( newValue ) {// want to find which property(FirstName/LastName) is calling the function }


Enter your name:
<input id="source" data-bind="value: FirstName" />
<input id="Text1" data-bind="value: LastName" />    

here i subscribed the "notifyChange" function for both FirstName and LastName. if any one value is changed means,it will call the notifyChange function, i want to know which property changes make the notifyChange function call ?

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You can't tell who actually called the function.

One choice would be to use your notifyChange function, but bind it in each case to the appropriate property. Now, this will be set to either the FirstName or LastName observable. Doing a bind does create a wrapper to the function, but at least your actual implementation in notifyChange will only exist once.


So, this inside of notifyChange will be the appropriate observable.

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I updated my question. this inside of notifyChangewill give the observable, but that will not give the property name – BalaKrishnan웃 May 18 '12 at 5:52
@BalaKrishnan - a couple ways that you can get the property name. One is to simply bind the function to the property name like self.notifyChange.bind("FirstName"). Now this will be "FirstName". Another option is give your observables names like: = "FirstName";. Now you through this you can access the observable and read its name through – RP Niemeyer May 18 '12 at 12:23
thanks,it works – BalaKrishnan웃 May 18 '12 at 12:45

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