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In order to replace each occurrence of "&" to "&&" in the range from the current line to 30 more lines on, I issue :.,+30s/\\&/\\&\\&/g but Vim says "Pattern not found". I'm escaping the special character "&" by double backslash "\".

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Try not escaping everything - :.,+30s/&/&&/g seems to work for me.

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To clarify: this is not because & is not a metacharacter: while in pattern it is true (unless & was escaped or very-magic mode was activated), in replacement string & means the same as \0: the whole matched substring. As “the whole matched substring” is an ampersand itself, this solution works. Note also that if 'magic' option was turned off, the statement “& in replacement represents the whole matched pattern” is false in a number of commands including :s. –  ZyX May 17 '12 at 18:53

You don't need to escape the ampersand in the first part of a regular expression. It only has special meaning in the second (replace) part.

You are looking for patterns that say "\&" and replace them with patterns that say "\&\&".

The simple way to replace is just:

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