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I have two entites

       targetEntity: \Status
       mappedBy: order

      targetEntity: \Order
      inversedBy: status

As you can see - one order can have more that one status at a time (statuses like 'has been shipped', 'has been paid for etc.').

I want to write a query that fetch all my Orders that do NOT have a status of 6. I'm finding it hard to get my head round this.

Assume that I have three orders. The all have a status of '1' (new), and ONE of those orders additionally has a status of '6' (under review). I want to retrieve only the two orders that do NOT have a status of 6.

Writing the query like so..

    ->from('MyOrderBundle:Order', 'o')
    ->innerJoin('o.statuses', 'st')
        $qb->expr()->eq('st.code', 6)

Excludes the status row of 6 from the SQL generated, but still includes the order in the result set (because the status row where the code=1 matches the condition of not being equal to 6). I need to be able to say "Exclude from my result set any entity that has an association like {something}". Is there a DQL keyword that can help me here?

-Cross posting on the doctrine user group and will update answers In both place if I find a solution.

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I worked out a way to do this eventually using a subselect, which feels a bit hacky but I couldn't think of any other way (where 6,7,8,9 are statuses that I want to exclude from my result set).

->from('MyOrderBundle:Order', 'o')
->innerJoin('o.statuses', 'st')
        ->from('MyOrderBundle:Status', 'stat')
        ->innerJoin('stat.order','o2','WITH', $qb2->expr()->in('stat.code', (6,7,8,9)))->getDQL()
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