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I am working with uploading files in codeigniter, my problem is coming from that I have to file inputs, they are there to upload a file that is used by staff members and a file that cusstomers will see (sensitive data has been removed).

The client is going to be uploading the files name in this convention,


How would I go about checking that the filename finishes with an _parsed or _unparsed?

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2 Answers

CodeIgniter has a helper function for files...make sure the file helper is loaded

$var = get_file_info('path/to/file','name')

if(strpos($var,'_unparsed') !== false) {
    // Do stuff
} else if(strpos($var,'_parsed') !== false) {
    // Do stuff
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if(preg_match('/(_(un|)parsed)$/', $file_name))
    //tests for:
    // _unparsed
    // _parsed

    //Important not to include the file ext otherwise will fail
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