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For my select boxes switching, I need to pre-build a javascript array for the select option values by using php to generate a js array on load. I have done this until now by creating an object and adding it to an array, but now I need one of the object's properties to be an array of years. I'm close (the object's clientForm property will return a csv list if I document.write it), but I don't think it's an array as I can't access the length property and the previous document.write doesn't output array. Can anyone spot what I am doing wrong or suggest an alternative method?

Here is the php which outputs the Javascript array (I've built the system in CodeIgniter):

echo '<script type="text/javascript">';
            $array = 'var companies = new Array();';
$i = 0;foreach($clientList as $client) :
                $array .= 'arrayItem'.$i.' = {clientNo:"'.$client->client_id.'", clientCompany:"'.$client->client_company_name.'", clientRef:"'.$client->client_ref_no.'", clientForms: Array(';
                if($client->client_forms != "")

                    $a = 0; foreach($client->client_forms as $form) :
                        $array .= $form.", ";
                    ++$a; endforeach;

                $array = substr($array, 0, -2); 
                $array .= ')};';
                $array .= 'companies['.$i.'] = arrayItem'.$i.'; ';
++$i; endforeach;
            echo $array;
            echo '</script>';

And here is the current output:

<script type="text/javascript">
    var companies = new Array();
    arrayItem0 = {clientNo:"1", clientCompany:"Test1", clientRef:"UG123HS", clientForms: Array(1, 15)};
    companies[0] = arrayItem0;

    arrayItem1 = {clientNo:"2", clientCompany:"Test2", clientRef:"UF321HS", clientForms: Array(17)};
    companies[1] = arrayItem1;

If you want a look, here is the full outputted code on jsfiddle (jsfiddle can't seem to make my onclicks work, but they do on the actual webpage).


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Create usual PHP array, and then json_encode it. I think it would be much easier. –  rinat.io May 17 '12 at 16:09
json_encodeing is the best solution as it seems to me...got for it –  Parth Thakkar May 17 '12 at 16:23

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To create an array, you're better of using this syntax: clientForms: [1,15]

Or else don't forget to add new: clientForms: new Array(1,15)

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You're code doesn't look too far off, since jsFiddle isn't working too well, it's hard to tell. I did notice one thing however.

Where you have list.options[i+1]=new Option(companies[i].clientCompany, companies[i].clientRef, false, false); //Add the first option in you should probably have list.options[cnt+1]=new Option(companies[i].clientCompany, companies[i].clientRef, false, false); //Add the first option in

Notice I changed the first i to cnt. i is the counter for stepping through the array and cnt is actually your option counter. You could have very potentially been leaving blank options if your actual page didn't produce results with every array item.


This was in the function replaceCompanySelect.

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Thanks to @mashington and @ParthThakkar for the answer, I wasn't aware of how json_encode() in PHP and JSON.parse() in javascript could work together. here is my new php code:

echo '<script type="text/javascript">';
    echo "var companies = JSON.parse('".json_encode($clientList)."');";
echo '</script>';
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