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I'm developing a web page that will be accessible only on mobile browsers to a restrict group of users and I would like to know if the following exception applies on this case.

(b) Mobile Applications. The rule in Section 9.1.1(a) (Free Access) does not apply if your Maps API Implementation is used in a mobile application that is sold for a fee through an online store and is downloadable to a mobile device that can access the online store.

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The free access exception refers to charging, not to restrictions in availability (the public access rule). To restrict availability you need an exception to 9.1.1(b) — specifically, case (iii).

9.1.1(b) Public Access (No Firewall). Your Maps API implementation must not operate (i) only behind a firewall; or (ii) only on an internal network (except during the development and testing phase); or (iii) in a closed community (for example, through invitation-only access).

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