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I would like to understand advantages of using RESTKIT/ASIHTTPREquest libraries over the traditional NSURLconnection for calling RESTFUL/SOAP webservices. I had used both type of webservices(RESTKIT/SOAP) in my project with nsurlconnection and I am successful... Hence anyone pls help me to understand the benifits of going to RESKIT/ASIhttprequest...

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RestKit has good integration with CoreData. ASIHTTP uses blocks which can be nice for firing one off requests. The more I use different network libraries, the more I think there is no one-solution to this problem yet.

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+1 for the ASIHTTPRequest Caching. –  CarlJ May 17 '12 at 18:22

Be careful with ASIHTTPRequest. Yeah, it is great and all but it was last updated May 2011 and the author has stopped development on it. See;

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